UFABET Basketball Betting

UFABET Basketball Betting

UFABET Basketball Betting beside popular sports that these gamblers require to bet because of the fun that we can energize all the time, and the score is scored every minute, excited, fast, and has a chance to win. It is proper for gamblers who like the excitement.

UFABET opens an online basketball betting with deposits-withdrawal automatic, fast, secure system and supports access on both the computer and mobile: iOS and Android. If players are engaged in Register UFABET today, receive a free bonus of 50%. Today, UFABET would like to share information about basketball betting for everyone, including competition rules and betting methods in various forms, in which UFABET has launched the betting steps, which is a bet on the gambler’s popularity details and methods of playing in various formats as follows.

Basic Basketball Rules

  1. Basketball competitions are divided into 4 quarters.
  2. Each quarter has 10 minutes (Universal) and 12 minutes (NBA).
  3. A half rest for 15 minutes (2 quarters each half) and other rest 2 minutes
  4. 5 minutes overtime
  5. Time will only count while playing, and the clock will stop when the game stops.
  6. For example, when fouls occur or during the penalty shootout, etc.

How to bet on UFABET basketball

  1. Fill out the username and password that you received from your UFABET application into the UFABET log in.
  2. When successfully logged in, select the Basketball menu on the sports betting menu on the left. Then there will be 3 menus to choose from, as shown in the figure.
    Basketball Betting
    Each menu has different play styles, in this article, UFABET will give a bit of explanation how-to bet online HDP & OU, single betting and Outright. Any players interested in Mix Parlay can view how-to at How to bet on mixed parlay game. Betting in HDP & OU and Outright has the following methods. 

Basketball Betting (HDP & OU)

  • basketball betting (HDP: Handicap) is a basketball betting with a handicap in which each pair will have different odds or handicaps as the illustration below. The red box is the odds for each pair. For example, the Charlotte Hornets – Boston Celtics, the Boston Celtics has odds of 6 and 6.5 points (with the red team named is an advantaged team , and the black team is the second team).
    Price Rate UFABET Basketball Betting
  • Over / Under (O / U: Over-Under) is betting of the combined score of both teams that will score higher or lower than the specified handicap. From the illustration below. The red box is the pair’s high-scoring price, for example, the Charlotte Hornets – Boston Celtics has odds of 217.5 and 218 points. If a player bets to get a high of 217.5 points, at the end of the game, both teams must score more than 217.5, so the players will win this bet.
    Over-Under UFABET Basketball Betting
  • Odd-Even (O/ E) online betting is to bet on the basketball that must bet the score at the final score at the end of the game whether to come out as even or odd points: 50-50 percentage.
    UFABET Basketball Betting
  • By betting online basketball, UFABET provides full-time betting (FT.) and first half (1H.) by the same betting pattern but will split the count into 2 styles, which full-time bookmakers will count the points from the 1st quarter to the 4th quarter, which is the first half-time betting will count the points only for the 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter only.

Basketball Betting (Outright)

Outright UFABET Basketball Betting

Outright online betting is an advanced betting is to bet which team will win the basketball competition of each year in which the odds of winning the betted team will change according to the odds or probability at that time. UFABET available to bet on the largest and most followed basketball league, NBA, which has 4 betting options to choose from, namely

  • NBA Championship 2019/2020 – Winning Conference
  • NBA Championship 2019/2020 Winner
  • NBA Eastern Conference 2019/2020 Winner
  • NBA Western Conference 2019/2020 Winner

In addition, UFABET also offers another pattern of online betting that has not been mentioned, which is the step bet, which can be found in the form of the mixed parlay betting.