UFABET Privacy Policy

privacy policy ufabet

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UFABET does not have the policy to reveal any information to the public and every customer information is considered the most important information. All information is well encrypted to ensure that your information will not be disclosed.

Data Storage

UFABET keeps the customer’s data confidentially; all customer information is considered personal information which not permitted to uncover. The information from the customers that have registered on the website will be basic information to reach by our officials. Your information will be examined and deposit/withdraws money for more security; furthermore, to manage promotions, as well.

Information Disclosure

The account information of the UFABET member that is registered is kept to the utmost confidentiality because we consider it is the most important information in online gambling services, and we also have encryption to our use and prevent access from hackers, or third parties who will access your information will not be able to only UFABET can access. The company itself reserves the right to carry out data analysis, statistics of users regarding, user behavior and characteristics to assess the interest of members and access to a diverse area and do promotion or advertisements that best meet the needs of members only.