UFABET American Football betting

UFABET American Football

UFABET American Football betting is another online sports betting that is very popular in foreign countries which is a sport that has been viewed by people at the top of the world as well, so today an American football is very popular. UFABET is another website that offers sports betting to increase the options for online sports betting for players.

UFABET American Football arises with an automatic, fast, secure deposits-withdrawals system, and supports playing on both the computer and mobile: iOS and Android. If players are attracted to signing up for UFABET today, receive a free bonus of 50% immediately. Today, UFABET will manifest how-to-bet American football for everyone, so that players the American football is another option with the rules and methods of playing as follows.

American Football Playing Time

  1. The game duration is all in 2 periods (some people call it 2 halves) 30 minutes per period, which in both competitions divided into 2 quarters; 1 quarter, taking 15 minutes. In conclusion, the American football competition each round takes 4 quarters, 15 minutes each.
  2. The first quarter of the defensive team has the duty to Kick off. As for the third quarter, the other team must switch to Kick off.
  3. Each play can ask for 3 times of Overtime, 1 minute 50 seconds each time. If the time is not complete, it cannot be combined with the second half. Also, do not ask for Overtime in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters.
  4. In addition to the usual Overtime, which has already been granted, the judge will give Overtime 2 times automatically at the last 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter which have the same duration of 1 minute 50 seconds.
  5. Use the clock of the field as a general standard.

American Football Score Counting

  1. Touchdown is when a team member brings the ball into the opponent’s end zone to receive 6 points, regardless of whether they run into the end zone or pitching is considered a successful touchdown, and if the touchdown is successful will get the opportunity to score two more special points called Extra point.
    1. Main extra points from successful touchdowns
    – Pattern number 1 is to bring the ball to a position that must be at least 2 yards away from the goal post and if kicking into the goal will get 1 point (One point conversion).
    – Pattern number 2 is to bring the ball to a distance of 2 yards and play another 1 down to make another 1 touchdown. If possible will receive 2 points (Two-point conversion).
    2. Score by kicking the ball (Field-goal). If wanting to score quickly, players can use kicking regardless of how many yards it is. If they can kick into the goal then get 3 points.

How to bet on UFABET American Football

  1. Fill out the username and password that you received from your UFABET application into the UFABET log in.
  2. When successfully logged in, select the American Football menu on the sports betting menu. Then there will be 3 menus to choose from which are HDP & OU, Mix Parlay and Outright, then choose HDP & OU as the illustration.
    UFABET American Football
  3. After selecting the HDP & OU menu, it will display the competition program and the odds that UFABET offers players. The prices that American football betting UFABET has opened are as follows:
    Rate Price UFABET American Football
    – ML (Money Line): Betting options to bet the team that wins the competition selecting to who will win. Settle the bet only the winning team that chooses to bet not the match scores.
    – HDP (Handicap): Select betting with odds; if requiring to win a bet, the selected team must win at the specified price only.
    – OU (Over / Under): Betting the total score of the game, over or under, with the result being over or under the specified odds.
    – OE (Odd / Even): Another option to bet the total score but is only chosen to bet the even or odd numbers.
    * FT. (Finish Time) is a full time match betting option.
    * 1H. (First Half) is the first half time selection of a match.
  4. After the players decide to select the team and the odds of betting on American football betting, there will be a box presenting the team and price information that the players have chosen as shown.
    How to bet on UFABET American Football
    The name of the team chosen by the players will be named inside the white square box above.
    – Once the players are certain that they have chosen correctly, place the amount of money that they want to use to bet on Amount, which UFABET allows players to bet on American football for 10 baht minimum batting.
    – If the player has entered the amount of money, the UFABET system will calculate the rate of payment once the player wins. The amount of payout, if the team that the player chooses to win according to the American football betting rules will pay the player according to the amount shown in the Max Payout box.
    – Then, click on the Process Bet to confirm the American Football betting.
  5. After confirming play, there will be a list or bill showing as in the picture.
    UFABET American Football
  6. Just as this confirms the play of the player considered that the player’s American football betting is complete then wait to receive money at the end of the competition.