UFABET Ice Hockey Betting

UFABET Ice Hockey Betting

UFABET Ice hockey betting is considered another interesting sport type because it is a sport with fierce. During the match, there are clashes throughout the game. In order to compete for the ball from the bat to enter the opponent’s door, all players must have mobility in skating because the competition must be played on the ice ground, which is very slippy, therefore it requires balance skills while also controlling the ball in the desired direction as well.

Ice hockey is a sport that has a lot of attention, UFABET decides to open the ice hockey betting to be an alternative way to make money for people who like this sport in which betting is available in many forms, players can make their desire to place bets as they like which is each bet has a different handicap price.

UFABET on online ice hockey comes with a deposits-withdrawals system and supports playing on both the computer and mobile: iOS and Android. If players are interested in Register UFABET today, receive a free bonus of 50% immediately. UFABET recommends playing rules for the benefit of betting to make a decision before betting whether it’s worth the risk or not.

Ice Hockey Rules

  1. A number of players in each competition, players will be divided into 2 teams, 6 players per team and a player will be the goalkeeper, the other 5 will be players.
  2. Competition Time will be divided into 3 periods, 20 minutes per each.
  3. Counting points, the player who scores a goal will get 1 point for the team, but there will be no offensive or offside like in football.

How to bet on UFABET Ice Hockey

  1. Fill out the username and password that you received from your UFABET application into the UFABET log in.
  2. When successfully logged in, select the Ice Hockey menu on the sports betting menu. Then there will be 3 menus to choose from which are HDP & OU, Mix Parlay and Outright, then choose HDP & OU as the illustration.
    Ice Hockey Betting UFABET
  3. After selecting the HDP & OU menu, it will display the competition program and the odds that UFABET offers players. The prices that ice hockey betting UFABET has opened are as follows:
    รูปแบบการแทงฮอกกี้น้ำแข็ง UFABET ราคาฮอกกี้น้ำแข็ง ยูฟ่าเบท
    – ML (Money Line): Betting options to bet the team that wins the competition selecting to who will win. Settle the bet only the winning team that chooses to bet not the match scores.
    – HDP (Handicap): Select betting with odds; if requiring to win a bet, the selected team must win at the specified price only.
    – OU (Over / Under): Betting the total score of the game, over or under, with the result being over or under the specified odds.
    – OE (Odd / Even): Another option to bet the total score but is only chosen to bet the even or odd numbers.
    * FT. (Finish Time) is a full time match betting option.
  4. After the players decide to select the team and the odds of betting on ice hockey betting, there will be a box presenting the team and price information that the players have chosen as shown.
    How to bet on Ice Hockey Betting UFABET
    The name of the team chosen by the players will be named inside the white square box above.
    – Once the players are certain that they have chosen correctly, place the amount of money that they want to use to bet on Amount, which UFABET allows players to bet on ice hockey for 10 baht minimum batting.
    – If the player has entered the amount of money, the UFABET system will calculate the rate of payment once the player wins. The amount of payout, if the team that the player chooses to win according to the ice hockey betting rules will pay the player according to the amount shown in the Max Payout box.
    – Then, click on the Process Bet to confirm the Ice Hockey betting.
  5. After confirming play, there will be a list or bill showing as in the picture.
    Ice Hockey Betting UFABET
  6. Just as this confirms the play of the player considered that the player’s ice hockey betting is complete then wait to receive money at the end of the competition.